Dear guests,

Via the Hiswa-Recron and the Kennemerland Safety Region, we have finally received approval to open the sanitary buildings under conditions from 15 June.

This is yet another good step towards a hopefully healthy and happy future.

However, we cannot do this without your cooperation, all changes fall or stand with your cooperation and behavior!

Use your own shower and / or toilet as much as possible.

The 1.5 meter regulation also applies in and around the sanitary buildings.

We must monitor government compliance with all rules imposed on us and are also responsible for this under penalty of high fines or even closure of the campsite.

Persons from 1 household or residence must use the sanitary facilities as a group.

Children up to 4 years old must enter the buildings under the supervision of their parents!

Follow the markings on the ground in and around the buildings, so any walking routes at the entrance and exit of the buildings. Group formation is not allowed in and around the buildings.

Toilets and showers are closed alternately, so closed is closed.

All handwashing points and contact points as well as the buildings are kept clean by our cleaning team, help us keep them clean and let colleagues do their work safely and follow their instructions.

The rules for the pool remain unchanged, only here the showers and toilets open under the aforementioned conditions of the Safety Region.

Visits from outside are unfortunately still not allowed, this applies to everyone, if something changes, we will let you know.

We wish you a very nice and healthy stay!



M.J. Esser

Family campsite Vogelenzang