After extensive consultation with the Kennemerland Safety Region and the Hiswa – Recron, we have decided to open the opening from 2 May 2020 subject to certain conditions.
The campsite must ensure that the measures are observed. If this is not the case when the Security Region is checked, the mayor can still close the campsite!
Only guests with their own shower and toilet facilities are allowed on the campsite, otherwise the gate is closed, even for a short visit!


Unfortunately, we must inform you that we unfortunately have to keep the sanitary buildings closed by order of the safety region. At least until May 20!
A maximum of four to five people (from one and the same family) per camping pitch is maintained.
Unfortunately, visiting each other is not allowed by the government.
Visits or babysitting from outside are not allowed.
Each guest must wear a wristband, without you will not be allowed on the premises. Our youthful guests (over 12 years old) are prohibited from gathering on the entire campsite. A distance of 1.5 meters between persons must be guaranteed. This also applies when entering and exiting the site.
The reception is only open limited, so no newspaper or brochures, etc. The swimming pool, the catering industry and the shop will remain closed until 20 May. No external suppliers are allowed on the campsite, this applies to everyone.

In principle, the advice remains from the government; Stay at home as much as possible!

The cars must be placed on their own camping pitches and not in the free, often sown areas. Pay special attention to the maximum speed of 5 kilometers! In the event of a violation, we immediately block access to the campsite. On arrival you must have your license plate entered for the registration, after this your barrier pass is only necessary in case of malfunctions. The outer gate closes for traffic at 10.30 pm, therefore it is no longer possible to drive out until 7.30 am.

You must sign on arrival to receive these rules, which will last until May 20, 2020.
You must also pay all outstanding amounts to us upon arrival (with the exception of guests with an arrangement), if you do not, we will unfortunately refuse you access.
We will come back to you at a later stage with information about compensation, for which we also have contact with the municipality of Bloemendaal.

We will unfortunately have to deny access to the campsite to those who do not wish to comply with the rules, in cooperation with the enforcement of the Kennemerland Safety Region.
We assume that everyone can agree with the above rules and wish you a good season for the time being.
You must fill in a recently completed night register on arrival and agree to these conditions by signature.